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deja vu…we examine the phenomenon of déjà vu, that strange feeling we sometimes get that we’ve lived through something before, that what is happening now has already happened.

Parislights pointed out this new underrun accident in Hiroshima – once again Asiana, where one might get the idea there is an ongoing epidemic of some depth perception-sapping visual syndrome if one hadn’t already read – with eyes wide as saucers – how it’s “very stressful, very difficult to perform a visual approach with a heavy airplane, always”, according to the 19-year, 10,000-hour veteran pilot flying the San Francisco accident aircraft. Baffling is too mild a word for such an attitude.

This seems vaguely familiar somehow. Shouldn’t there be snow or something? I dunno.


Looks like this one bounced two or three times at least. They did seem to do a tad bit better than the Air Canada flight in Halifax, though: beat ’em by 18 feet, touching down only 1,082 feet short instead of 1,100.

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One thought on “Tonight on “It’s the Mind”…

  1. parislights says:

    Yeah there seems to be quite a lot of the “saving face” problem. Co pilot doesn’t want to take over because he doesn’t want to embarrass a senior pilot. senior pilot doesn’t want to say I don’t know how to land this thing using only visual approach.

    I guess that is what it looks like when a human has gotten too reliant on technical assistance from a machine.
    What does the great Capitan Sully have to say about such things ?

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