100+ hours of Julia Child

Discovered among the last few shelves of videotapes going to digital: A 12-hour French Chef marathon I taped when WGBH Boston aired it on Christmas 2004, four months after Julia Child left us. The tapes, with no labels on the spine but Post-its indicating the contents, included seventeen half-hour episodes I didn’t have in digital form before, including S07E20 More About French Bread. I just uploaded that one to YouTube – see below – to go along with the S07E19 French Bread episode someone else previously uploaded that I featured in an article here a couple years ago.

My two favourite series from the lists below are probably Baking with Julia, a thirty-nine episode, nineteen-hour series, and Julia & Jacques: Cooking at Home. The former is mouth-watering throughout – just this week, I watched three episodes on my tablet while waiting for my car window master switch to be replaced and was then compelled to stop at a good bakery – exceedingly rare around here, but one happens to be just half a mile from the Hyundai dealer. In the latter eleven-hour series, filmed in Julia’s Cambridge home when she was 88, Julia and longtime friend Jacques Pépin frequently compare and contrast home and professional cooking techniques and sometimes disagree about various methods – or whether something’s done. She gives him plenty of good-natured sass, but he returns the volley more often than not. Lots of fun.

Windows Explorer tells me I now have 208 files with 105 hours of Julia Child shows in 40 gigs. Absolutely delightful.

Speaking of delightful, the image I grabbed for the video’s thumbnail is when Julia politely shushes Professor Calvel to allow us, too, to hear “la musique du pain”.

Episode Guides
[1963-1973] The French Chef episodes [201×28].txt
[1968] White House Red Carpet with Julia Child [1×58].txt
[1978-1979] Julia Child and Company episodes [13×28].txt
[1979-1980] Julia Child and More Company episodes [13×28].txt
[1983-1984] Dinner at Julia’s episodes [13×28].txt
[1989] The Way to Cook episodes [6×58].txt
[1992] A Birthday Party for Julia Child – Compliments to the Chef [1×58].txt
[2021 edit: It appears the official title of the above is “Birthday Tribute to Julia Child: Compliments to the Chef”. It aired on 11 September 1992.
[1993-1994] Cooking with Master Chefs episodes [16×28].txt
[1993-1995] Cooking in Concert episodes [3×85].txt
[1994-1996] In Julia’s Kitchen with Master Chefs [39×28].txt
[1996-1998] Baking with Julia episodes [39×28].txt
[1999-2000] Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home [22×28].txt
[2000] Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom [1×58].txt

[I’ve none of the three in italics]

[1963-1973] The French Chef [51 of 201 eps, the rest on 3 French Chef DVD sets and Amazon Video]
S01E01 Boeuf Bourguignon.avi
S01E02 French Onion Soup.avi
S01E09 Vegetables The French Way.mp4
S01E19 French Crêpes.mp4
S01E20 French Crêpes II.mp4
S01E22 The Potato Show.mp4
S02E02 Cooking Your Goose.mp4
S02E07 Vegetable Adventures.mp4
S02E13 Elegance with Eggs.mp4
S03E17 Bûche de Noël.mp4
S03E20 Croissants.mp4
S05E03 Queen of Sheba Cake.avi
S05E09 Roast Suckling Pig.mp4
S05E10 More About Potatoes.mp4
S06E07 Asparagus from Tip to Butt.mp4
S06E18 Bouillabaisse à la Marseillaise.avi
S06E20 The Spinach Twins.avi
S07E01 Cake with a Halo.mp4
S07E02 Hamburger Dinner.mp4
S07E03 Salade Niçoise.avi
S07E05 Lasagne à la Française.mp4
S07E06 Waiting for Gigot.mp4
S07E07 How About Lentils.mp4
S07E08 Fish in Monk’s Clothing.mp4
S07E09 Gâteau in a Cage.mp4
S07E10 Cheese and Wine Party.avi
S07E11 Curry Dinner.mp4
S07E12 Apple Desserts.avi
S07E12 Apple Desserts.mp4
S07E13 Meat Loaf Masquerade.MP4
S07E14 To Roast a Chicken.mp4
S07E15 Hard Boiled Eggs.mp4
S07E16 Boeuf Bourguignon.mp4
S07E17 Strawberry Soufflé.mp4
S07E18 Spaghetti Flambé.mp4
S07E19 French Bread.mp4
S07E20 More About French Bread.mp4
S08E01 A Vegetable for all Occasions.mp4
S08E02 Pot au Feu.mp4
S08E10 The Whole Fish Story.avi
S08E16 The Lobster Show.avi
S08E18 Mousse au Chocolat.avi
S08E20 To Stuff a Sausage.avi
S09E06 Terrines and Pâtés.mp4
S09E11 Cheese Soufflé.mp4
S09E12 The Good Loaf.avi
S09E13 The Hollandaise Family.mp4
S09E14 Tripes à la Mode.avi
S09E15 Sole Bon Femme.mp4
S09E18 The Omelette Show.avi
S09E20 French Fries.avi
S10E07 VIP Cake.mp4

[1979-1980] Julia Child and More Company [1 of 13 eps]
Julia Child & More Company Summer Dinner.mp4

[1989] Julia Child – The Way to Cook [6 of 6 eps]
01 Poultry.mp4
02 Meat.mp4
03 Vegetables.mp4
04 Soups, Salads, and Bread.mp4
05 Fish and Eggs.mp4
06 First Courses and Desserts.mp4

[1993-1994] Cooking with Master Chefs [16 of 16 eps]
101 Emeril Lagasse.mp4
102 Michel Richard.mp4
103 Patrick Clark.mp4
104 Lidia Bastianich.mp4
105 Charles Palmer.mp4
106 Amy Ferguson-Ota.mp4
107 Robert Del Grande.mp4
108 Jean-Louis Palladin.mp4
109 Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken.mp4
110 Jacques Pépin.mp4
111 Jeremiah Tower.mp4
112 Jan Birnbaum and Lidia Bastianich.mp4
113 Andre Saltner.mp4
114 Nancy Silverton.mp4
115 Jacques Pépin.mp4
116 Alice Waters.mp4

[1993-1995] Cooking in Concert [3 of 3 eps]
Graham Kerr.mp4
Jacques Pépin Holiday Meal.mp4
Jacques Pépin Stuffed Turkey Roulade.mp4

[1996-1998] Baking With Julia [39 of 39 eps]
101 Craig Kominiak.mp4
102 Alice Medrich.mp4
103 Michel Richard.mp4
104 Lora Brody.mp4
105 Marcel Desaulniers.mp4
106 Gale Gand.mp4
107 Norman Love.mp4
108 Lauren Groveman.mp4
109 Mary Bergin.mp4
110 Steve Sullivan.mp4
111 Nancy Silverton.mp4
112 Nick Malgieri.mp4
113 Flo Braker.mp4
201 Esther McManus.mp4
202 Beatrice Ojakangas.mp4
203 Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid.mp4
204 Danielle Forestier.mp4
205 Markus Farbinger.mp4
206 Charlotte Akoto.mp4
207 Marion Cunningham.mp4
208 Johanna Killeen.mp4
209 Leslie Mackie.mp4
210 David Ogonowsk.mp4
211 Joe Ortiz.mp4
212 David Blom.mp4
213 Norman Love.mp4
301 Martha Stewart 1.mp4
302 Martha Stewart 2.mp4
303 Nancy Silverton.mp4
304 Michel Richard.mp4
304a Michel Richard.mp4
304b Michel Richard.mp4
304c Alice Medrich.mp4
305 Lauren Groveman.mp4
306 Johanne Killeen.mp4
307 Marcel Desaulniers.mp4
308 Nick Malgieri.mp4
309 Mary Bergin.mp4
310 Markus Farbinger.mp4
311 Jeffrey Alfor, Naomi Duguid, and Beatrice Ojakangas.mp4
312 Gail Gand and David Blom.mp4
313 Flo Braker and Leslie Mackie.mp4

[1996-1998] In Julia’s Kitchen with Master Chefs [37 of 39 eps]
101 Roberto Donna.mp4
102 Jasper White.mp4
103 Lynne Rossetto Kasper.mp4
104 Jimmy Sneed.mp4
105 Madhur Jaffrey.mp4
106 Daniel Boulud.mp4
107 Jim Dodge.mp4
108 Charlie Trotter.mp4
109 Leah Chase.mp4
110 Christopher Gross.mp4
111 Jody Adams.mp4
112 Zarela Martinez.mp4
113 Jean-Georges Vongerichten.mp4
114 Rick Bayless.mp4
115 Gordon Hamersley.mp4
116 Dean Fearing.mp4
117 Reed Hearon.mp4
118 Johanne Killeen and George Germon.mp4
119 Carol Field.mp4
120 Michael Lomonaco.mp4
121 Monique Barbeau.mp4
122a Jacques Torres.mp4
122b Jacques Torres.mp4
122c Jacques Torres.mp4
123 Alfred Portale.mp4
124 Mark Militello.mp4
125 Julian Serrano.mp4
126 Joachim Splichal.mp4
127 Lynne Rossetto Kasper and Roberto Donna.mp4
128 Jimmy Sneed.mp4
130 Killeen, Germon, and Gross.mp4
131 Daniel Boulud and Gordon Hamersley.mp4
132 Madhur Jaffrey and Reed Hearon.mp4
133 Dean Fearing.mp4
134 Jim Dodge.mp4
135 Jody Adams and Jaochim Splichal.mp4
136 Mark Militello.mp4
137 Jasper White and Zarela Martinez.mp4
138 Alfred Portale.mp4
139 Monique Barbeau and Jaques Torres.mp4

[1999-2000] Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home [22 of 22 eps]
S01E01 Beef.mp4
S01E02 Fruit Desserts.mp4
S01E03 Salad Days.mp4
S01E04 Our Favorite Sandwiches.mp4
S01E05 Vegetables.mp4
S01E06 Beef Stews.mp4
S01E07 Fish.mp4
S01E08 Roast Turkey Dinner.mp4
S01E09 Soup.mp4
S01E10 Eggs.mp4
S01E11 Pork.mp4
S01E12 Creamy Desserts.mp4
S01E13 Shellfish.mp4
S01E14 Roast Chickens.mp4
S01E15 Souffles.mp4
S01E16 Winter Vegetables.mp4
S01E17 Charcuterie.mp4
S01E18 Comfort Food.mp4
S01E19 Salmon.mp4
S01E20 Roasts of Veal and Lamb.mp4
S01E21 Potatoes.mkv
S01E22 Duck.mp4

[2004] Food Network Tributes August 2004
Emeril Live Tribute to Julia Child 2001.mp4
From Martha’s Kitchen with Julia and Jacques 2000.mp4
Julia Child – A Tribute – Food Network 2004.mp4
Sara Moulton – Cooking Live with Julia 1997.mp4
TV’s Greatest Food Moments 2003.mp4
Wolfgang Puck and Julia Child In the Kitchen 2002.mp4

Other [1978] Chicago Tonight interview.mp4
Other [1997] Julia Child – A&E Biography.avi
Other [1997] Julia Child – An Appetite for Life 1997.mp4
Other [2000] Out of the Box with Jack Nadel interview with Julia Child.mp4
Other [2000] Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom.mp4
Other [2001] Chicago Tonight interview.mp4
Other [2005] American Masters – Julia Child.mp4
Other [2008] Julia Child – Culinary Revolutionary – The New School.mp4
Other [2012] Siting Julia – Radcliffe Institute Conference Panels.mp4
Other [2012] Dearie The Remarkable Life of Julia Child.mp4
Other [2014] Sharing Julia Child’s Appetite for Life with Noël Riley Fitch — Dinner in the Library.mp4
Other [2015] American History (After Hours) The French Chef, American-Style.mp4
Other [2017] Alex Prud’homme – The French Chef in America Julia Child’s Second Act (Full Lecture).mp4

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15 thoughts on “100+ hours of Julia Child

  1. emeryj says:

    What a collection! Do you recall an episode where Mrs Child advises Jacques Pepin to not use a particular technique to flambe cherries(?), but he does and there is a big pouf? Great TV…
    Cannot find reference to it.
    Thank you,

  2. lalmon says:

    You may be thinking of her warning not to pour directly from a bottle when flambéing lest the flame travel back up into the bottle and explode it. I believe she mentions that in two episodes of the Julia & Jacques series, once when they were making Crêpes Suzette, I think. Jacques says, “Oh…I never heard that” with a shrug.

    The bottle didn’t explode, but there was a big poof – but then again, a dramatic flame is one of the points of flambéing, especially for desserts – and most especially desserts prepared tableside. Sure, you want the bite of the alcohol to go away, but the aesthetics are a big part of it. Bananas Foster, when done right at a place like The River House The Shrimp Factory in Savannah, is a real treat when the flaming rum is accentuated with cinnamon sparkles.

    • emeryj says:

      thank you- and I will visit River House when in Savannah.

      • lalmon says:

        I just got a nagging feeling that I got the restaurant wrong, and I did. The River House restaurant is where I often buy a pecan pie to bring back North. It’s the Shrimp Factory – also on River Street – that does the nifty tableside Bananas Foster. I usually preface that with their crab and shrimp au gratin over chicken rice.

        River Street Sweets is the third place I visit on the river. I’ve yet to properly duplicate their glass-like glazed pecans.

        • emeryj says:

          ooooh, you can visit me anytime w/ pecan pie! thank you,

          • lalmon says:

            For the best pecan pie, there are two choices for me: 1) give a fair amount of cash to River House, thanking them all the while, or 2) follow John Thorne’s recipe, which uses cane syrup instead of corn syrup – Steen’s Cane Syrup or Lyle’s Golden Syrup will do – and a tablespoon or two of rum or bourbon (I use one tablespoon of bourbon).

            His recipe produces this:

  3. parislights says:

    that looks just scrumptious. Congratulations ! Came looking for the article on Antony Bourdain but you must have taken it off? Got a 404…Gosh was I surprised that he went in that manner and that Eric Ripert his friend was nearby. In Strasbourg of all places which is a wonderful, welcoming city.

    • lalmon says:

      I did remove it. It was a thoughtful remembrance by someone from Trinidad and Tobago, but just a minute or two after I posted it, I found the author objected to someone else quoting him “for the clicks” and he requested respect. So as nice as it was, I couldn’t leave it up, especially given the AB quotation I chose for the title: “Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don’t have.” I will say that you can find it by searching for Bourdain hey kid you hungry.

      The news was awful, but I think we were and are lucky to be the recipients of almost twenty years of his extraordinary work. That’s not going anywhere.

      Since this is on a Julia Child post, here’s what Bourdain had to say about her on the hundredth anniversary of her birth:

      “Julia Child was the single most important, influential and game-changing figure in the history of American gastronomy. Everything tracks back to her. And though uniquely situated to do so, she never endorsed a thing: not a pot, not a pan, not a chain of restaurants, not a spice blend, apron or boil-in-the-bag dinner. She will be remembered for what she did on this earth, which was to inspire millions to cook — and eat — better.”

  4. John says:

    Hello, would you be so kind as to share the Julia Child’s Kitchen Wisdom video?

    I believe you must have uploaded the Julia Child and Company Summer Dinner video on youtube. I dont know why but it does not seem like any of Julia’s late 70s early 80s series are available to stream or purchase. Those are the ones I grew up watching as a captivated kid! I think Julia & Company and More Company is a better show than the French Chef. More modern and Julia seems more comfortable in front of the camera.

  5. Michael Harmon says:

    Hello, I just stumbled across this page. I actually worked on the cooking in concert with graham Kerr. I am desperately looking for a digital copy of the show (my vcr copy of the show disappeared during one of many military moves). Please let me know if there is a way we could make this work. Thank you Michael

  6. Stephanie L Mcknight says:

    I wish I could open these. I love the list of named episodes. Is there anyway I could purchase a VCR or DVD copy of each from you? I only have the rather small French Chef 2 with 18 episodes and the first one with fewer than that. Even if I could get the 1960s to 1970s complete French Chef I would be in love! I would really love a copy! Please email me at [redacted]. I live in Tallulah, LA. I grew up watching her on LPB. I would love a complete set!

    • lalmon says:

      Hi Stephanie. Besides the fact that PBS aggressively protects Julia Child shows – even blocking all US viewers from watching the More About French Bread episode I put on YouTube for about a year, before restoring the ability to watch it recently – it would unfortunately take dozens of DVDs to do this. All is not lost, though, because I just found out that Amazon Prime now has a PBS Living option you can add that will give you access to the 201 French Chef episodes you’re most keenly interested in (I only have 39 of the 201, recorded from the local PBS station). There’s a free trial of PBS Living available and after that, it’s $2.99 a month, which is pretty low as far as subscription services go. Visit Amazon, search for The French Chef, click the “The French Chef with Julia Child Volume 1” title, and it will show the PBS Living option. PBS Living will also give you access to the “Dishing with Julia Child” series that aired earlier this year, with seven current chefs marveling at and commenting on six classic episodes of “The French Chef.”

  7. Simon says:

    I’ve just found your blog and wanted to send a hearty thank you. I live in the UK and had vivid memories of watching Julia Child coming from to eat lunch at school in the 90’s, only catching the last ten minutes (before Yan Can Cook started) and then rushing back. I found your uploaded video to YouTube and from there over the last few years, I’ve been slowly buying all the French Chef episodes via long winded ways. It has been an absolute joy to watch them. This is a really helpful post to see what else is out there for me to try and find. I’m still tracking down Company, More Company, Dinner At (didn’t even know about this series until now) and both Master Chefs series – the last which I know are on PBS passports but I can’t seem to work magic to get to them. I didn’t even know you could buy the episodes until I found your video and researched it so thank you, thank you and thank you!

    • lalmon says:

      I’m very glad to help. In case you don’t have it, I’ll paste a complete episode guide to The French Chef at the end of this reply. Also, in the last year, I’ve found these additional items:

      [The French Chef] S06E07 Asparagus From Tip to Butt.webm
      [Other 2020] White House Red Carpet with Julia Child.mp4
      [Other 2020] American History -After Hours- The French Chef- American-Style.mp4
      [Other 2020] Conversation with Julia Child C-SPAN.org.mp4
      [Other 2020] Julia Child Collection on Letterman- 1982-1994.mp4
      [Other 2020] Julia Child on the fear of failure.mp4

      Most are on YouTube but the White House Red Carpet programme was on a PBS archive site and the C-SPAN one I found with a search for Julia Child on their site. I can help find the site addresses if you come up empty on any of these. I use the Easy YouTube Downloader Express and Video DownloadHelper Firefox add-ons to help get content. Not for any gain except that I can bring up any of these on my TV, tablet, or phone at a moment’s notice from my DLNA server – and I’ve done that quite a bit since last March as I find Julia’s voice and demeanour rather soothing.

      The French Chef Episode Guide

      S00 (1962)
      E00 Elegance With Eggs (September 1, 1962)

      S01 (1963)
      S01 E01 Boeuf Bourguignon (February 2, 1963)
      S01 E02 French Onion Soup (February 9, 1963)
      S01 E03 Casserole Roast Chicken (February 16, 1963)
      S01 E04 The French Omelette (February 23, 1963)
      S01 E05 Scallops (March 2, 1963)
      S01 E06 Quiche Lorraine (March 9, 1963)
      S01 E07 Fruit Tarts (March 16, 1963)
      S01 E08 Chicken Breasts and Rice (March 23, 1963)
      S01 E09 Vegetables à la Française (March 30, 1963)
      S01 E10 Veal Scallops (April 6, 1963)
      S01 E11 French Salads- Mayonnaise (April 13, 1963)
      S01 E12 Chicken Livers à la Française (April 20, 1963)
      S01 E13 Roast Duck à l’Orange (April 27, 1963)
      S01 E14 Chocolate Mousse and Caramel Custard (May 4, 1963)
      S01 E15 Pâtés (May 11, 1963)
      S01 E16 Aspics (May 18, 1963)
      S01 E17 Bouillabaise (May 25, 1963)
      S01 E18 Lobster à l’Américaine (June 1, 1963)
      S01 E19 French Crêpes (June 8, 1963)
      S01 E20 French Crêpes II – Suzette (June 15, 1963)
      S01 E21 Steaks and Hamburgers (June 22, 1963)
      S01 E22 The Potato Show (June 29, 1963)
      S01 E23 Soufflé on a Platter (July 6, 1963)
      S01 E24 Dinner in a Pot (July 13, 1963)
      S01 E25 Pâte à Choux (July 20, 1963)

      S02 (1963-64)
      S02 E01 Caramel Desserts (November 30, 1963)
      S02 E02 Cooking Your Goose (December 7, 1963)
      S02 E03 Chestnut Cookery (December 14, 1963)
      S02 E04 Bringing in the New Year (January 4, 1964)
      S02 E05 Coq au Vin (January 11, 1964)
      S02 E06 Cassoulet (January 18, 1964)
      S02 E07 Vegetable Adventures (January 25, 1964)
      S02 E08 Puff Pastry (February 1, 1964)
      S02 E09 More about Puff Pastry (February 8, 1964)
      S02 E10 Fish Mousselines (February 15, 1964)
      S02 E11 Cake for Company (February 22, 1964)
      S02 E12 Artichokes from Top to Bottom (February 29, 1964)
      S02 E13 Elegance with Eggs (March 7, 1964)
      S02 E14 Cold Soufflés and Bavarian Cream (March 14, 1964)
      S02 E15 Case for Salmon (March 21, 1964)
      S02 E16 Broccoli and Cauliflower (March 28, 1964)
      S02 E17 Veal for a King (April 4, 1964)
      S02 E18 The Soup Show (April 11, 1964)
      S02 E19 Flaming Soufflé (April 18, 1964)
      S02 E20 Small Roast Birds (April 25, 1964)

      S03 (1964-65)
      S03 E01 Timbales (May 2, 1964)
      S03 E02 Fish Filets Sylvestre (May 9, 1964)
      S03 E03 Babas au Rhum (May 16, 1964)
      S03 E04 Chicken Dinner in Half an Hour (May 23, 1964)
      S03 E05 Rognons Sautés and Flambés (May 30, 1964)
      S03 E06 The Mushroom Show (June 6, 1964)
      S03 E07 Veal Dinner in Half an Hour (June 13, 1964)
      S03 E08 Broiled Chicken Plain and Saucy (June 20, 1964)
      S03 E09 Lamb Stew is French, Too (January 2, 1965)
      S03 E10 Introducing Charlotte Malakoff (January 9, 1965)
      S03 E11 Hot Turkey Ballotine (January 16, 1965)
      S03 E12 Cold Turkey Galantine (January 23, 1965)
      S03 E13 Le Marquis au Chocolate (January 30, 1965)
      S03 E14 Vegetables for the Birds (February 6, 1965)
      S03 E15 French Tarts, Apple Style (February 13, 1965)
      S03 E16 French Jelly Roll (February 20, 1965)
      S03 E17 Bûche de Noël (February 27, 1965)
      S03 E18 Beef Gets Stewed Two Ways (March 6, 1965)
      S03 E19 Ham Dinner in Half an Hour (March 13, 1965)
      S03 E20 Croissants (March 20, 1965)

      S04 (1965)
      S04 E01 Chocolate Souffle (March 27, 1965)
      S04 E02 Four in Hand Chicken (April 3, 1965)
      S04 E03 Brioches (April 10, 1965)
      S04 E04 Veal Prince Orloff (April 17, 1965)
      S04 E05 Great Beginnings (April 24, 1965)
      S04 E06 Turban of Sole (May 1, 1965)
      S04 E07 Strawberry Tarts (May 8, 1965)
      S04 E08 The Shrimp Show (May 15, 1965)
      S04 E09 Salad Fixings (May 22, 1965)
      S04 E10 Non-collapsible Cheese Soufflé (May 29, 1965)
      S04 E11 Quiches (June 6, 1965)
      S04 E12 Fish Dinner in Half an Hour (June 13, 1965)
      S04 E13 French Veal Stew (June 20, 1965)
      S04 E14 Improvisation (June 27, 1965)
      S04 E15 The Empress’s Rice (July 3, 1965)
      S04 E16 Coquilles St. Jacques (July 10, 1965)
      S04 E17 More about Steaks (July 17, 1965)
      S04 E18 To Poach a Salmon (July 24, 1965)
      S04 E19 Invitation To Lunch (November 6, 1965)
      S04 E20 Beef in Red Wine (November 13, 1965)

      S05 (1965-66)
      S05 E01 Your Own French Onion Soup (November 20, 1965)
      S05 E02 Chicken in Cocotte (November 27, 1965)
      S05 E03 Queen of Sheba Cake (black & white) (December 4, 1965)
      S05 E04 To Poach Sole Filets (December 11, 1965)
      S05 E05 Chop Dinner in Half an Hour (December 18, 1965)
      S05 E06 Filet of Beef Wellington (January 1, 1966)
      S05 E07 Apple Charlotte (January 8, 1966)
      S05 E08 More Great Beginnings (January 15, 1966)
      S05 E09 Roast Suckling Pig (January 22, 1966)
      S05 E10 More about Potatoes (January 29, 1966)
      S05 E11 Steak Dinner in Half an Hour (February 5, 1966)
      S05 E12 The Endive Show (February 12, 1966)
      S05 E13 Saddle of Lamb (February 19, 1966)
      S05 E14 Napoleons (February 26, 1966)
      S05 E15 Paella à l’Américaine (March 5, 1966)
      S05 E16 Dinner Party First Course (March 12, 1966)
      S05 E17 Dinner Party Main Course (March 19, 1966)
      S05 E18 Dinner Party Meringue Dessert (March 26, 1966)
      S05 E19 Soupe au Pistou (April 2, 1966)
      S05 E20 Quenelles (April 30, 1966)
      S05 E21 New Year (January 1, 1967)

      S06 (1966-67)
      S06 E01 Génoise Cake (May 7, 1966)
      S06 E02 Petits Fours (May 14, 1966)
      S06 E03 The Mayonnaise Show (May 21, 1966)
      S06 E04 Swordfish Dinner in a Half Hour (May 28, 1966)
      S06 E05 Ossobuco (June 4, 1966)
      S06 E06 Sweetbreads and Brains (June 11, 1966)
      S06 E07 Asparagus from Tip to Butt (June 18, 1966)
      S06 E08 Operation Chicken (June 25, 1966)
      S06 E09 To Poach a Chicken (June 29, 1966)
      S06 E10 Mousses, Bombes and Parfaits (July 2, 1966)
      S06 E11 Bourride and Aïoli (July 9, 1966)
      S06 E12 To Poach an Egg (July 16, 1966)
      S06 E13 Roast Leg of Lamb (July 23, 1966)
      S06 E14 Lobster Thermidor (July 30, 1966)
      S06 E15 Speaking of Tongues (August 6, 1966)
      S06 E16 Pipérade for Lunch (August 13, 1966)
      S06 E17 Turban of Sole (August 20, 1966)
      S06 E18 Bouillabaisse à la Marseillaise (August 27, 1966)
      S06 E19 Napoleon’s Chicken (November 11, 1967)
      S06 E20 Spinach Twins (color) (November 18, 1967)

      S07 (1970-71)
      S07 E01 Cake with a Halo (October 25, 1970)
      S07 E02 Hamburger Dinner (November 1, 1970)
      S07 E03 Salade Niçoise (November 8, 1970)
      S07 E04 Turkey Breast Braised (November 15, 1970)
      S07 E05 Lasagne à la Française (November 22, 1970)
      S07 E06 Waiting for Gigot (November 29, 1970)
      S07 E07 How about Lentils (December 6, 1970)
      S07 E08 Fish in Monk’s Clothing (December 13, 1970)
      S07 E09 Gâteau in a Cage (December 20, 1970)
      S07 E10 Cheese and Wine Party (December 27, 1970)
      S07 E11 Curry Dinner (January 3, 1971)
      S07 E12 Apple Desserts (January 10, 1971)
      S07 E13 Meat Loaf Masquerade (January 17, 1971)
      S07 E14 To Roast a Chicken (January 24, 1971)
      S07 E15 Hard Boiled Eggs (January 31, 1971)
      S07 E16 Boeuf Bourguignon (February 7, 1971)
      S07 E17 Strawberry Soufflé (February 14, 1971)
      S07 E18 Spaghetti Flambé (February 21, 1971)
      S07 E19 French Bread (February 28, 1971)
      S07 E20 More about French Bread (March 7, 1971)

      S08 (1971)
      S08 E01 Vegetable for all Occasions (March 14, 1971)
      S08 E02 Pot au Feu (March 21, 1971)
      S08 E03 Pizza Variations (March 28, 1971)
      S08 E04 Begin with Shrimp (April 4, 1971)
      S08 E05 Chocolate Cake (April 11, 1971)
      S08 E06 Working with Chocolate (April 18, 1971)
      S08 E07 To Press a Duck (April 25, 1971)
      S08 E08 Flaky Pastry (May 2, 1971)
      S08 E09 Glamour Pudding (May 9, 1971)
      S08 E10 The Whole Fish Story (May 16, 1971)
      S08 E11 VIP Veal: Poitrine Farcie (May 23, 1971)
      S08 E12 Brochettes, Kebabs and Skewers (May 30, 1971)
      S08 E13 Rye Bread (June 6, 1971)
      S08 E14 Flaming Fish (June 13, 1971)
      S08 E15 Summer Salads (June 20, 1971)
      S08 E16 Lobster Show (June 27, 1971)
      S08 E17 Coq au Vin Alias Chicken Fricassee (July 4, 1971)
      S08 E18 Mousse au Chocolat (July 11, 1971)
      S08 E19 Quiche Lorraine and Company (July 18, 1971)
      S08 E20 To Stuff a Sausage (July 25, 1971)

      S09 (1971-72)
      S09 E01 The Artichoke (October 31, 1971)
      S09 E02 Tartes aux Fruits (Fruit Tarts) (November 7, 1971)
      S09 E03 To Roast a Turkey (November 14, 1971)
      S09 E04 French Croissants (November 21, 1971)
      S09 E05 Soup du Jour (November 28, 1971)
      S09 E06 Terrines and Pâtés (December 5, 1971)
      S09 E07 Madeleines and Génoise Jelly Roll (December 12, 1971)
      S09 E08 To Make a Bûche (December 19, 1971)
      S09 E09 Le Cocktail (December 26, 1971)
      S09 E10 Gallic Pot Roast (January 2, 1972)
      S09 E11 Cheese Soufflé (January 9, 1972)
      S09 E12 The Good Loaf (January 16, 1972)
      S09 E13 The Hollandaise Family (January 23, 1972)
      S09 E14 Tripes à la Mode (January 30, 1972)
      S09 E15 Sole Bonne Femme (February 6, 1972)
      S09 E16 Orange Bavarian Cream (February 13, 1972)
      S09 E17 To Stuff a Cabbage (February 20, 1972)
      S09 E18 The Omelette Show (February 27, 1972)
      S09 E19 Elegance with Aspic (March 5, 1972)
      S09 E20 French Fries (March 12, 1972)

      S10 (1972-73)
      S10 E01 Ham Transformation (March 19, 1972)
      S10 E02 Ice Cream (March 26, 1972)
      S10 E03 For Working Guys and Gals (October 1, 1972)
      S10 E04 Small Kitchen, Big Ideas (October 8, 1972)
      S10 E05 Coffee and Brioche (October 15, 1972)
      S10 E06 Brunch for a Bunch (October 22, 1972)
      S10 E07 VIP Cake (October 29, 1972)
      S10 E08 To Ragoût a Goose (November 5, 1972)
      S10 E09 Sudden Company (November 12, 1972)
      S10 E10 First Course Sit Down Dinner (November 19, 1972)
      S10 E11 Main Course Sit Down Dinner (November 26, 1972)
      S10 E12 Grand Finale Sit Down Dinner (December 3, 1972)
      S10 E13 Kids Want to Cook (December 10, 1972)
      S10 E14 Two-Dollar Banquet (January 7, 1973)
      S10 E15 Puff Pastry to Go (January 14, 1973)

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