Spot the difference: National Geographic edition

Here’s part of the narration from National Geographic’s catfish-hunting leopard programme, a co-production of National Geographic Wild and BBC. It originally aired last November on NGC and I viewed it back then.

Take three, and she nails it. Having watched her, the rest of the family soon follow suit and gets in on the act. Before now, it seems no one has seen leopards pouncing on live fish.” [at 2:35 in the linked clip]

BBC Natural World, who just aired the programme for the first time as “Africa’s Fishing Leopards”, appears to have fact-checked that claim, as I did myself back in November. From its narration by Sir David Attenborough:

“Take three, and she’s got it. Having watched her, the rest of the family are soon following suit and getting in on the act. While leopards are known to collect fish from drying rivers, to actually hunt them when the water’s high is something rarely witnessed. Certainly, after a lifetime in the African bush, it’s behaviour that Brad has never seen before.”

Apparently, the folks over at National Geographic Channel lack the internet access the BBC enjoys. The video below was posted in 2009. I found it back in November with a search for leopard fishing. It was the first result. What I would enjoy saying to an NGC producer’s face: “Hmmm.”