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  1. Thanks for the cartoons; they bring back memories.

    Do you remember an episode of Timberland Tales that had something to do with a manhood ritual? As I recall, the last picture showed a silhouette of an Indian hanging from the ceiling of a tipi by his balls. He had a cord tied around his balls, tied in a bow tie.

    It was 2 funny!

  2. lalmon says:

    I do – and here it is, from June 1982:

    I believe it’s discontinued, but you can find on eBay and elsewhere copies of the Complete National Lampoon on a data DVD, from which I grabbed these pages. Looks like it now commands premium prices in its original form, but there’s at least one 3rd party seller on Amazon who will part with a copy for ten bucks.

  3. Rhys Talbot says:

    Sure would like to get a collection of Timberland Tales in book form.

    • lalmon says:

      You’ll be happy to know that in June 2015, Taylor wrote in an email to me: “I hope to have an anthology ready for next year.” Fingers crossed!

  4. Aaron Ververs says:

    The funniest Timberland Tales strip for me involved Maurice accidentally spotting Kathleen naked as she was about to step into a bath, and he instantly got wood – he couldn’t figure it out and started frantically swatting at the bump in his crotch, saying something like “Help! Some kin’ animal in Maurice’s pants!” Brought me to tears…

  5. lalmon says:

    It’s a sign of just how funny this strip was that people remember dialog pretty much verbatim across a chasm of decades. It’s not the best quality, but here it is, from the NL Complete DVD released years ago…

    Timberland Tales, July 1977

  6. Aaron Ververs says:

    THANK YOU for that! Just as funny as I remembered!

  7. Joe Heslin says:

    Hi, are you still maintaining this site?
    I’m trying to find the Timberland tales where Maurice and Tom build a model, and end up whacked out with airplane glue everywhere.


  8. mike says:


    One of my favorites was the thanksgiving dinner maurice made with the rabbit eggs…

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