Timberland Tales

The best things in the long-defunct National Lampoon magazine were the “Timberland Tales” and “The Appletons” strips by B.K. Taylor. Slapstick isn’t easy to do well live, never mind in comics.

Click any of these for a large version.

Timberland Tales April 1981

From April 1981


The Appletons January 1982

From January 1982


Timberland Tales March 1979

From March 1979


7 thoughts on “Timberland Tales

  1. Thanks for the cartoons; they bring back memories.

    Do you remember an episode of Timberland Tales that had something to do with a manhood ritual? As I recall, the last picture showed a silhouette of an Indian hanging from the ceiling of a tipi by his balls. He had a cord tied around his balls, tied in a bow tie.

    It was 2 funny!

  2. lalmon says:

    I do – and here it is, from June 1982:

    I believe it’s discontinued, but you can find on eBay and elsewhere copies of the Complete National Lampoon on a data DVD, from which I grabbed these pages. Looks like it now commands premium prices in its original form, but there’s at least one 3rd party seller on Amazon who will part with a copy for ten bucks.

  3. Rhys Talbot says:

    Sure would like to get a collection of Timberland Tales in book form.

    • lalmon says:

      You’ll be happy to know that in June 2015, Taylor wrote in an email to me: “I hope to have an anthology ready for next year.” Fingers crossed!

  4. Aaron Ververs says:

    The funniest Timberland Tales strip for me involved Maurice accidentally spotting Kathleen naked as she was about to step into a bath, and he instantly got wood – he couldn’t figure it out and started frantically swatting at the bump in his crotch, saying something like “Help! Some kin’ animal in Maurice’s pants!” Brought me to tears…

  5. lalmon says:

    It’s a sign of just how funny this strip was that people remember dialog pretty much verbatim across a chasm of decades. It’s not the best quality, but here it is, from the NL Complete DVD released years ago…

    Timberland Tales, July 1977

  6. Aaron Ververs says:

    THANK YOU for that! Just as funny as I remembered!

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