“Gas…Market Basket…veg…Dingleface. Wait, what?”

See if you can spot the fraudulent transactions on my debit card:


On submitting the dispute just now, I said:

I’m not a member of Facebook or any of the other ultimately antisocial media sites (case in point).

I’ll stop by the credit union tomorrow for a replacement card – for the third time in a little over a year.

I thought it unusual when a friend told me recently that she routinely cancels her debit card and gets a new one every six months. I no longer think that unusual.

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2 thoughts on ““Gas…Market Basket…veg…Dingleface. Wait, what?”

  1. parislights says:


    I got shafted for quite alot Zalando (hideous shoe company) and some weird floral company. Spent four hours in my local police station getting the requisite papers stating I’d been “robbed”! Stiil haven’t been reimbursed for these charges. you reimbursed yet lalo?

    • lalmon says:

      Oh, yes. Each of the three times this has happened with my debit card, the first in August 2014, the credit union reimbursed me before twenty-four hours had passed. In each case it was under US$50, so it might well be more involved for larger amounts, but my credit union makes life so easy in every respect that I suspect the fraud would have to be on the order of $1,000 or more for them to delay reversing it.

      The woman at the credit union told me Tuesday that they got the credit card printers at the branches mainly to be able to provide new members with instant debit cards, but now their chief use seems to be in replacing fraud victims’ cards.

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