Price check

For two 5-pound/2.27-kilo bags:

King Arthur Flour at its list price of $4.95 a bag: US$9.90; King Arthur Flour online order $15.90 with shipping

Amazon (all 3rd party sellers): range from $19.46 to $34.51 with shipping

Online is obviously not a good choice, but that’s only partially due to the shipping cost, which ranges from $6 to $12 for the ten pounds. Locally the price is lower:

Stop & Shop, on sale this week for $4.53 a bag: $9.06

Walmart at its regular price of $3.47: $6.94

Market Basket at its frequently recurring sale price of $2.50 a bag (on this week): $5.00

Okay, so sometimes it’s like shopping in the 1980s.

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