Podcasts I like

This is my current BeyondPod subscription list. I listen – mostly in the car over Bluetooth – to every episode from about two-thirds of these and selected episodes from the rest.

99% Invisible

Food Programme

Fresh Air

From Our Own Correspondent

Futility Closet


Kitchen Cabinet

More or Less: Behind the Stats

NPR: Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

NPR: Car Talk

NPR: Planet Money

NPR: Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Radio Diaries


Reply All

Science Weekly

The Allusionist

The Bugle

The Gist

The Infinite Monkey Cage

the memory palace

The Mountain Stage

The News Quiz Extra There is no podcast for the Extra version, so I record this from iPlayer with Cool Edit when it’s published Mondays at about 8pm ET.

This American Life


You folks must know some great ones I’m not aware of, so feel free to note them in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Podcasts I like

  1. parislights says:

    i really like (should say I am addicted to )

    Freakomomics (the one on Failure is a necessity !)
    Question of the Day (also w Steven Dubner)
    Snap Judgement ( some )
    Deconstructing Dinner (Canadian)
    The Long Form (interviews w writers, the one w Ira Glass was excellent)
    Mystery Show (a surprise. Really ended up loving this especially the belt buckle)
    Reply All
    and of course This American Life

    other radio documentaries are those oldies available on the cbc of Glenn Gould , The Solitude Trilogies (three programs, Idea of North is a favorite ) but there are lots more (on Petula Clark or improvisation is a good one !) i mean either ya like Gould’s as presenter or you don’t. I love it.
    used to listen to a swiss program called Planet Bleue but that has changed radically and I’ve stopped w it.

  2. parislights says:

    oh and Between the Ears on the beeb!

  3. parislights says:

    should i be worried? no lalo posts in over a month!!!

    • lalmon says:

      No, not to worry, but dry spells are going to happen. The nature of work lately leaves me energy-free by the end of many days with recovery time needed most weekends.

  4. Coolcreek says:

    Let me suggest Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s The Thing….” — a total joy. Forget what you think you know about the guy, THIS is what he was meant to do. Just a great interviewer, because he listens to his guests and asks the questions that I would, too (I used to do that for a living, and am a pretty harsh critic). Especially good with those in the arts and politics (his obvious loves), this show is always entertaining no matter who’s on …even when he gets the rare guest who doesn’t really want to open up (like Paul Simon — that was a difficult interview).

  5. parislights says:

    oh do u all listen to Markus Hip-pi (love the way he says his name) on the Monocle’s “The Menu” ?

    I’m trying that one out. Trying the ones dealing with Korean cooking.


  6. parislights says:

    happiest of a new year to all me friends here: lalo, coolcreek, oedival…et all.

    Just adding the New Yorker Hour podcasts are great. over on wNYC…
    I’ve given up on Question of the day. They added another Perso to the line up and it’s descended into a sound mess.

    So thinking of you!


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