Less dizzy, less annoyed

I note that the Guardian has started the new year off properly by summarily abandoning its recently instituted practice of shifting images on the home page leftward by a few pixels and dimming them when you hovered over them, then shifting back and brightening when you moved away. I believe it was still doing that yesterday. Now they just use the dimming and brightening.

Good. Did they really think that the image equivalent of drunken swaying would entice more clicks? (“Look, I’m moving! Ooo, isn’t that interesting? Hic.“) All it did for me was to make me dislike their web design team and the people who approved their idiocy with the fire of at least…oh, I don’t know, a campfire or so.

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One thought on “Less dizzy, less annoyed

  1. parislights says:

    Gosh I’d never noticed that Lalo !

    I read G on my ipad and it is by far the best news app out there. Design, ease of use.

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