Left-handedness isn’t evil but some people are

My jaw dropped on reading this story today. The same thing happened to me in grade school, I think in 1st grade, but that was some decades ago. I figured perhaps we had advanced a bit. Silly me.

I was shocked enough by the teacher grabbing the pencil out of my left hand and forcing it angrily into my right hand that I told my mother about it that afternoon. The next day she was in school to have a little chat with the teacher, who never tried that again. I found Mrs. Douglas in the 2nd grade much pleasanter – and funnier, particularly when she would loudly sigh and lament, “Oh, what’s the point? at least once a day.

Had that left-is-wrong idiocy continued, would I have ever in my life attempted artwork like this – or any artwork at all, for that matter? Seems questionable.

Thanks, Mom.


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Inspired by the 401st Bomb Group jacket below (click for a larger version). My research turned up the George Petty painting that jacket was based on, and I found an original Life magazine where it appeared in a full-page ad and used that as the basis for my version.


Rita Hayworth and the 452nd Bomb Group B-17G “Mon Tete Rouge”

Ginger Rogers and a 1942 model Daffy Duck

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3 thoughts on “Left-handedness isn’t evil but some people are

  1. parislights says:

    Ooo! Got me thinking ! It takes a couple of relatively minor incidents w teachers involved in becoming an artist or anything for that matter!


    The whole handed thing is responsible for all manner of idiocy. Like saying if you are left handed your right brain is dominant. Which is total bull.

  2. parislights says:

    ooo cant edit that!

  3. parislights says:

    “right hemisphere of ones brain …”

    and with a teacher (strike involved and becoming ) oh have totally lost train of thought. more coffee. altho that supposedly doesn’t help matters at all.


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