I’m tagging this up the wazoo

Perhaps someday someone with a copy of the soundboard recording of “Great Speeches & Other Outbursts” from 20 June 2011 that must exist will get in touch. I’ve been seeking it since the day after the event. Who wouldn’t want to hear Sarah Vowell fouling the air with Patton’s obscenity-laced pep talk? It’s one of my life goals.

The agenda:

  • John Winthrop’s City Upon a Hill speech (delivered by John Oliver)
  • Chief Seattle’s “We Will Haunt You” speech (Sarah Vowell)
  • Mario Cuomo’s Democratic Convention speech response to City on a Hill (Bobby Cannavale)
  • Washington’s letter to the Hebrew congregation in Newport (Sarah Vowell)
  • Interview between Woody Allen (Bobby Cannavale) and Reverend Billy Graham (Eric Bogosian)
  • Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural (Ira Glass)
  • Theodore Roosevelt’s The Strenuous Life (John Hodgman)
  • Queen Elizabeth to her troops before defeating the Spanish Armada (John Oliver)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s battle pep talk (Ira Glass)
  • George Patton’s address to the 3rd Army, 1942 (Sarah Vowell)
  • Dick Gregory’s speech after release from Birmingham jail (Wyatt Cenac)
  • Don Rickles and various other oddities and outbursts (Amy Sedaris)
  • John Cleese’s funny eulogy for fellow Monty Python-er Graham Chapman (John Oliver) following the Undertaker sketch by Cleese (John Oliver) and Chapman (Wyatt Cenac)
  • Eric Bogosian’s own spiel on normalcy in the Reagan era
  • John Hodgman’s own speech at 2009 White House correspondents dinner with Wyatt Cenac playing Obama


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