Christmas thought

The balloon above my head features a small light bulb and reads “Crisp profiteroles filled with the banana custard from that pie, drizzled with bittersweet chocolate sauce and topped with a strawberry slice.”

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2 thoughts on “Christmas thought

  1. parisflight says:

    oh my god. Paris to Boston tickets are quite pricey but that sounds worth it lalo. I’d leave off the strawberry but other than that?

    I made a pavlova for work the other day and have been working on the recipe for my client.

    I loved making a simple caramel (butterscotch) with three- four ingrediends : sugar, water, cream, fleur de sel . Didn’t use the common “salted butter”) like lots of people use.

    i ended up mixing in some good quality cocoa in there, as well as the reduction of the syrup from cooking the pears, with what I had left over after the shoot. So a peary with spice, chocolaty, butterscotch. Total yum.

    Please let us know how it all worked out?
    Happiest of Xmas’s Lalo !

    • lalmon says:

      I’m using-not-losing eight days of vacation between now and the end of the year, so I’ll be doing a test run of the profiteroles before Christmas and will try both with and without the strawberry slices.

      The idea was not just to add colour but also a bit of juicy acidity as counterpoint to the richness of that custard and the chocolate. The strawberry’s secret to attracting pollinators – and humans – is that, even when it’s pretty sweet, it always smells a good deal sweeter than it actually is thanks to the tiny bit of furaneol compound it produces.

      I wouldn’t normally consider strawberries at this time of year, but last week I found a Florida-grown strawberry brand, GPC, that’s bang in season now and quite decent, not pale pink inside or of balsa wood texture as is typical. If those aren’t available in a couple weeks, I would skip the strawberries altogether.

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