Beautiful Spring

“The people of New England are by nature patient and forbearing; but there are some things which they will not stand. Every year they kill a lot of poets for writing about ‘Beautiful Spring.’ These are generally casual visitors, who bring their notions of spring from somewhere else, and cannot, of course, know how the natives feel about spring. And so, the first thing they know, the opportunity to inquire how they feel has permanently gone by.”

– Mark Twain, in his perpetually quotable speech on New England weather given Friday, 22 December 1876 – the year The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was published

Circa 1874, age 39

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One thought on “Beautiful Spring

  1. foodandart says:

    Just got home from my studio in Kittery.. had been in shorts ALL day as it was over 50 when I went to work… at 9:30 a.m.! Needless to say, I cursed mightily as I ran to the car and again as I ran to the house. (though God’s honest, I still heard peep frogs, not many mind you – not like last night – down in the marsh behind the studio – tough little things, those peep frogs)

    Am looking at the radar.. Glad I’m not in Minneapolis.

    That’s it.. I’m off to get ice cream. To hell with icy spring storms.

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