This bears repeating every now and then

Something I wrote seven years ago:

A friend mentioned during a lengthy conversation that, though he texts a lot and was about to set up a Facebook page for his restaurant ’cause that’s what you’re s’posed to do these days, he didn’t really get the appeal of Facebook. I told him that it exists primarily in order to teach youngsters early to undervalue and give away every last remnant of their privacy so that Facebook and others can make oodles of dough selling as much of their data as they can. He had just been regaling me with tales of how various customers had pissed him off in the restaurant during the day and how disgusted he was with people generally, so I concluded by saying that Facebook and Twitter were a lot like people, only condensed and therefore worse. My, how he laughed.

I still haven’t signed up to any of those things, for the same reasons that I don’t quaff sulfuric acid with my breakfast, jab at my eyes with knitting needles, or taunt rabid raccoons with sticks.

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One thought on “This bears repeating every now and then

  1. foodandart says:

    Bwahahahaha! Oh come on Lalo! Poking rabid raccoons with sticks is just ripping fun!

    Yeah, I get the fb and twitter thing, and generally avoid the sites like poison – though I do have a ‘nom de plume’ on facebook – mostly to use their social comment system on some of the various news sites I haunt.. Also, in almost 9 years of Twitter, I’ve tweeted three times.

    Such a social butterfly, I am!


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