The moon within five years?


Show me the money.

One guess as to what it was that cost that much

“Was it worth it all? It certainly was to me personally, which obviously makes me suspect as an objective witness to the expenditure of $24 billion of the taxpayers’ money. Besides, I frankly gave little thought to the financial end of the space program, just as I never considered what percentage of the GNP Flash Gordon might reasonably twit away exploring the caverns of Mongo.”

Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot, Apollo 11

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One thought on “The moon within five years?

  1. Barrie Mellor says:

    I once read that if there were bars of gold neatly stacked on the surface of the Moon, just waiting to be collected, using current technology, it would still not be economically viable to bring them them back.

    I’m very impressed by Elon’s team, but there aren’t bars of gold waiting to be collected, so I won’t hold my breath.

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