Tales of the Bizarro World

Stylist: “I’ve never had corn myself, but I imagine people serve it something like this.”

Photographer: “Yes, probably so. All done?”

Stylist: “Yup!”

Be sure to click for a larger, more disturbing version

Found here, about three-quarters of the way down the page.

It’s possible, I suppose, that this is somehow imaged directly from a food stylist student’s cold-sweat nightmare just hours before a final exam.

Think of this: They actually had a marketing meeting at Rubbermaid, probably a fairly lengthy one, during which this photograph was shown, discussed, and approved, probably by all present. Amazing.

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4 thoughts on “Tales of the Bizarro World

  1. foodandart says:

    ::sound of crashing cars in head::

    Ehhhh.. okay.

    Bizarre indeed.

  2. lalmon says:

    Personally, I never say “too much” when it comes to Elmer’s and key light-dried shards of coriander leaf slathered on my mostly unshucked corn.

  3. Li'l Maurice says:

    gday from Canada,
    the retarded giant on your doorstep
    The leaves are not parsley; which would be a stretch for most palates.
    They are cilantro
    (coriander leaves).
    Somebody conducted a study of “Who likes cilantro?”
    A considerable proportion do _not_ like the leaf, stem (stronger), or seed .. at all. The majority are amemable or indifferent.
    Odd .. but .. these proclivities are hereditary.

    • lalmon says:

      I am one of those afflicted with that pesky little gene – OR6A2, which strengthens one’s detection of aldehydes and causes cilantro/coriander to taste a bit like soap to us. Julia Child harbored OR6A2, too. Her strategy: “Pick it out and throw it on the floor.”

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