Sammiches? Turkey dinner? Turkey noodle soup? More sammiches?

Yes to all of those, and probably in that order. First up, the sandwiches: turkey, cranberry sauce, and soft Gournay cheese with garlic and herbs on hunks of split and lightly-toasted baguette from Iggy’s.

Possibly the best-looking turkey ever to come out of my oven; click for a larger version

Nice and juicy, too. I always scratch my head when I hear some sleb chef say turkeys are dry and awful. One little click below will present to you the evidence of how wrong they are.

The roasting pan has the requisite amount of liquid gold, of course, to be strained right after I post this.

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2 thoughts on “Sammiches? Turkey dinner? Turkey noodle soup? More sammiches?

  1. foodandart says:

    OH! Just heaven.. Now what is your gravy recipe? Roux or corn starch?

  2. lalmon says:

    Roux – I’m just going to make a little gravy this time since the bird is going in several different directions, so 2 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp turkey fat, 1 1/2 cups of the instant stock (details in the liquid gold link above), and, because that stock is concentrated, about a half cup of water, more or less based on the resulting viscosity.

    The other two cups of instant stock will go into the soup, supplemented with some Kitchen Basics turkey stock.

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