Not a unitasker

So far, I’ve used my 8″ cake lifter for things like this more than actual cake lifting. You can’t find a nice big bench scraper under that name, but it turns out this is one anyway. Very handy.

I used it in the production of glazed carrots after I unexpectedly found the other day a half-meatloaf still in the freezer. After finishing it, I want more, so I’ll probably make another couple of loaves soon.

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3 thoughts on “Not a unitasker

  1. parislights says:

    Gosh just found one of these in the basement. A Wilton cake picker upper. I’m laughing bout the fact that a cook has to have more than one use for a tool in their kitchen!

    I laid it there on a table upstairs thinking to myself have to find a use for this thing!

    And there you go! Roast veg!

    Must say I find it really an ugly little thing. You wish they had gotten a decent designer in there either that or just kept to the purely functional like microplane does.

    how is summer treating you? Any osprey sightings at the hatchery ?


  2. lalmon says:

    I’m all for saving time in the kitchen, and that cake lifter easily saves two or three back-and-forths when you’re discarding peelings or moving loads of prepped veg.

    I haven’t been to J.T. Farnham’s yet this year, but I did find a place near the new office called Harry’s that’s been around for decades and gets its clams from Ipswich Shellfish Co. (the right place). However, a diner on a noisy and ugly state highway is not the same as Farnham’s, where the salt marsh vastly improves the venue.

    Here’s Alton Brown railing against unitaskers and someone else who defends a handful. Hmmm, I think spaghetti-ising veg is rising on the fad list these days.

  3. parislights says:

    That rollie egg maker was pretty great !Takes a rather great mind to come up with something like that !

    oh well let me know when you have hit farnams.
    can’t remember if i told you about our family ( mom and I’s) trip to portland and ott island Maine. I was blown over by the food offerings !

    Still can taste that lobster !


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