Magical fruit

The first part of Christmas dinner is done: Jasper White’s Boston Baked Beans, from this updated version of his recipe originally published in Jasper White’s Cooking from New England. In the updated recipe, he boosts the oven temperature by a hundred degrees to speed baking, but I like the low and slow method in the original recipe, primarily for the extended olfactory hit, so I baked them at 250º F for about five hours.


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The menu this year:

  • Beautiful burger buns, using this recipe, so we can make…
  • Pulled pork sandwiches from a dry-rubbed shoulder slow-roasted for five hours at 275º F in an oven bag, with condiments of…
  • Cider vinegar barbecue sauce and bread & butter pickle slices – and a little extra pickle juice drizzled on
  • Jasper White’s Boston Baked Beans
  • Maybe a side dish with corn, maybe not
  • Cane syrup pecan pie from John Thorne’s Outlaw Cook, using Lyle’s Golden Syrup, not the corn syrup laughably presented as another choice at the link, because it’s the golden syrup and the rum – or bourbon if you like – that make this recipe special
  • Indian pudding – New England’s corn meal-based adaptation of hasty pudding – with vanilla ice cream

I’ll make most of these ahead of time, with the exception of the buns and the pork shoulder.

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2 thoughts on “Magical fruit

  1. parislights says:

    its almost spring lalo!

    I’ve realized i’m not on your new posts list. Beans. I’ve been doing a new version of bean cooking. so the new trick is sprouting the beans for two days before using them in a quick stir fry kind of thing. The beans are crunchy, and digestible! love em. Haven’t had the courage to make tempe yet, but am considering it. Oh lalo and another new toy: a dehydrator!!!! -p

  2. parislights says:

    oh and another thing in the baked bean theme, my great great aunty ( i think that is right. The aunt of my grandfather) made the baked beans. There was molasses involved. And she also made a sweetish brown bread in a Folgers coffee can. Does this ring a bell? I seem to remember they called the Boston Baked beans and brown bread. One went with the other. -p

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