Cave Prep

I’m having arthroscopic knee surgery on Tuesday to clean up a large lateral meniscus tear – I tripped over a power cord sixteen months ago and landed hard on my right knee – and don’t much fancy microwaved and canned stuff during recovery. It sounds like I’ll have limited mobility, likely unable for a while to stand in the kitchen for hours, so I was busy yesterday and today, making:

  • Four quarts of French onion pot roast beef stew with a chuck eye roast
  • Quart-and-a-half of four-hour pasta sauce
  • Two Comfort Diner meatloaves; one’s in the freezer
  • Approximately one boatload of mashed potatoes
  • Couple pounds of glazed carrots
  • Homemade mayonnaise – specifically for meatloaf sandwiches – using the very cool, very fast immersion-blender-in-a-jar method
  • New York Times chocolate chip cookies with Maldon sea salt and toasted pecans

Of course, I’m already unable to stand for extended periods without pain, so I kind of screwed up the knee in the last 48 hours, but the above will be worth all the wincing and shouts of “Ow!” to no one in particular today. Those plus my best friend keeping me company through Thursday plus the Percocet ought to see me through just fine.

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3 thoughts on “Cave Prep

  1. Parislights says:

    Awww lalo ! You have my sympathy ! Wish we all lived closer so we could help but it sounds like you are as usual, a consummate fellow in the preparations department. Hope everything goes super smoothly.


  2. lalmon says:

    Is there such a thing as a mis-en-place degree? I believe this is the most I’ve ever cooked in a two-day period and am prepared to write a dissertation if so.

  3. Bitbyter says:

    Hello old chap, long time no see. Hope you’re up and about by now. If not have the blighter off and get a wooden one.

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