FQN upgrades

I just added the features you see above. By that, I don’t mean to imply I expended much effort – I merely enabled them in the WordPress Jetpack options, along with the comment spam filter that I had thought was turned on by default. You’ll see the Related section only if you click on a post’s title or the “Leave a comment” link.

The Email button is slightly quirky in that I created the code behind it as a mailto: link so it will be you sending from your own email client rather than an email sent from this site, which is the behaviour of the WordPress inbuilt Email button. The consequence of me customising this is that it also displays a blank window when you click Email. Just click the back button to return to the page you were on.

I had the option of adding Fnooter, Dingleface, and other anti-social self-destruct buttons as well, but I would sooner replace my Apollo 16 Orion banner up top with a gallery of Donald Trump weasel photos than see their logos on my site.