But only for an hour or two after your dilated pupil exam


You’re supposed to bring sunglasses for after the exam, numbnuts.

More often than not, HDR boosting is reminiscent of 1950s postcard oversaturation and produces much the same effect as cyclopentolate drops. If the world actually looked like that, I’m pretty sure I’d stay indoors during daylight hours. I hate it when my retinas melt.

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2 thoughts on “But only for an hour or two after your dilated pupil exam

  1. Parislights says:

    Is this how it looks in your occulus rift Lalo ? Or is this ummm some sort of reality ? – missing you much ! -p

  2. lalmon says:

    You know me better than to think I’d own an Opulent Grift or anything else that makes me look like I’m scuba diving. My fireplace is precisely sufficient virtual reality for me (I still love that thing).

    When I saw that image yesterday in a random weather thread, it squeezed my eyeballs hard and so needed comment.

    In a few weeks, I will briefly see the world that way after my annual ophthalmologist exam. I’ll admit that watching TV under the pupillary influence of cyclopentolate is kind of a kick, but the sunglasses go back on after a few minutes of such laser-blasting.

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