An Essex boy at heart

Essex, Massachusetts, that is.

My view of the salt marsh during tonight’s dinner at J.T. Farnham’s; click for a larger version

This year’s menu:

I got my usual clam plate with fries and onion rings, plus a quart each of clam chowder and haddock chowder to bring home. Market price on the clam plate was US$24, lower by a few dollars than last year.

I was more interested in eating than taking pictures, so here’s a plate they made earlier. They look this scrumpdillyicious every time. This is what I think of whenever I use or hear the phrase “golden brown and delicious”.

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One thought on “An Essex boy at heart

  1. parislights says:

    oh we loved this place, Mom and I when we visited several years ago. w the osprey family nearby…

    oh delicious ! one of the most beautiful places to have a simple meal of fried clams, a lobster roll …ect and those onion rings !

    We continued along our way, up to the Lobster Pool near Rockport Ma, which is a bit further up the coast. Also just delicious ! Brought our own bottle of champagne, lovely thin rimmed glasses. Ahhhh!

    Recently Mom and I had a good two dozen of fresh oysters at a local restaurant and with wide smiles remembered that moment.


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