Almonds everywhere

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Breakfast while handling the forwarded office phone and keeping out of the snow entirely today: Eggs – from Trader Joe’s because Ann the egg lady’s hens have mostly shut down production in protest of the cold – along with slow-cooked bacon and the last of the Croissants aux Amandes, sliced and toasted, that my best mate made using all-butter croissants from BJ’s Wholesale Club and brought over for Christmas. I’m not sure what recipe she used, but she experimented a fair amount with the mix of ingredients and decided that maple syrup was a step above sugar syrup. She’s right, you know.

BJ’s excellent croissants appear to be exactly – and I do mean exactly – the same as Costco’s and they both sell them for US$6 a dozen, and sometimes $5 on sale. I determined a while ago that the croissants a local upscale market sells are also identical – except their price is US$1.75 each, or $21 a dozen.┬áThere’s a good commercial bakery somewhere around here making those croissants for all three places. As soon as I discovered Costco’s were the same as that market’s, I starting buying by the dozen there and storing in the freezer.


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One thought on “Almonds everywhere

  1. parisflight says:

    huh. And here i was thinking there were really almonds everywhere!

    Almond croissants. Haven’t had one of those in like… forever ! Has always seemed like guilding the lily of a good flakey croissant.

    I’ve been working with almonds a bit recently…And my new trick with whole almonds is soaking them overnight before using them. The nut that you get is totally a whole other animal. “Extra satisfying crunch” doesn’t describe what happens to this ingredient! “bring an almond back to life or transform your nuts today ! sounds like woo woo or cheap comedy…sorry for that !

    Best to you lalo ! -p

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