Virtual reality that actually appeals


Who woulda thunk that? Not me before yesterday. I got these accessories for the Dimplex fireplace in the mail and they’re making me grin. The item on the right is a USB-rechargeable speaker into which you can plug an SD card. Onto that card, I put a 250MB MP3 of the audio I extracted from this ten-hour YouTube video, so now I have actual and non-repeating fireplace sounds. The speaker’s been playing that MP3 for twelve hours now and it’s still going strong, so the battery time is outstanding.

The other item is real wood incense blocks from Santa Fe. I got the sampler of seven – Piñon pine, cedar, juniper, hickory, alder, mesquite, and balsam fir – so I can decide which ones I like best and will purchase just those later. To burn the incense, I’m using a tiny novelty ashtray a friend brought me from Mexico a couple years ago. The clay holder included with the bricks is a little small – the ashes dropped off to its side when I tried the first block, which seemed a bit unsafe.

I can’t wait to get the media console where the fireplace will eventually reside, but wait I must.

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