Not even a full Blu-ray data disc yet

I changed my mind and decided to capture music videotapes first, which is a blast. I’ve captured about a third of them – results so far at the end of this post – and I think they’ll total about 60GB by the time I’m done. That’s a little less than three Blu-ray data discs, which are 22GB each, to digitise forty or fifty videotapes.

I’m finding that most of the tapes I recorded have a bit of a greenish tint, but a 12-point boost in the capture software’s hue setting takes care of that perfectly:

I have a bunch of old cassette tapes I’d also like to digitise and then discard, mostly live recordings directly from soundboards at bluegrass festivals and such, none of which I’ve seen on the bootleg trading circuit. There’s a US$15 USB cassette deck – of course there is, right? – that’s only a little bigger than a tape, so that arrives from Amazon Prime on Sunday. The free Audacity analog-to-digital capture and editing software will make short work of those.

+—Austin City Limits
¦ 0904 The Whites, New Grass Revival 1983.mp4
¦ 1009 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Steve Goodman 1983.mp4
¦ 1101 Nanci Griffith 1985.mp4
¦ 1108 Kate Wolf 1986.mp4
¦ 1208 Chet Atkins & Friends 1986.mp4
¦ 1301 The O’Kanes 1988.mp4
¦ 1308 Loudon Wainwright III 1988.mp4
¦ 1311 New Grass Revival 1988.mp4
¦ 1314 Leo Kottke 1988.mp4
¦ 1410 Robert Earl Keen, Jr. 1989.mp4
¦ 1607 Bluegrass Superstars 1991.mp4
¦ 1802 Leo Kottke 1993.mp4
¦ 1803 Riders in the Sky, Hot Rize 1993.mp4
¦ Austin City Limits Episode Guide.txt
+—Nanci Griffith
¦ A Voice from the Heartland – VH1 1988.mp4
¦ Austin City Limits 1101 Mar 1985.mp4
¦ I Knew Love Music Video.mp4
¦ It’s a Hard Life Wherever You Go Music Video.mp4
¦ Lonesome Pine Specials 110 Nanci Griffith.mp4
¦ Nashville Now – Apr 1986.mp4
¦ Nashville Now – Dec 1989.mp4
¦ Nashville Now – Feb 1988.mp4
¦ New Country – Little Love Affairs (1988).mp4
¦ New Country – Lone Star State of Mind (Feb 1987).mp4
¦ New Country – Once in a Very Blue Moon (Jul 1985).mp4
¦ New Country – The Last of the True Believers (Apr 1986).mp4
¦ One Fair Summer Evening 1988.mp4
¦ Flecktones – Tonight Show 10-04-90.mp4
¦ Hot Rize with Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers Central Sun
¦   Video 1986.mp4
¦ Miscellaneous Music 1.jpg
¦ Miscellaneous Music 1.mp4
¦ Miscellaneous Music 2.jpg
¦ Miscellaneous Music 2.mp4
¦ Miscellaneous Music 3.jpg
¦ Miscellaneous Music 3.mp4
¦ Tony Trischka & Skyline Live in Japan 1983 Cover.jpg
¦ Tony Trischka & Skyline Live in Japan 1983 Set list.jpg
¦ Tony Trischka & Skyline Live in Japan 1983.mp4
+—The Lonesome Pine Specials
106 Maura O’Connell and Guests.mp4
110 Nanci Griffith.mp4
111 Hot Rize with Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers.mp4
113 New Grass Revival.mp4
116 The Nashville Allstars with Peter Rowan.mp4
118 The O’Kanes.mp4
122 Bela Fleck with the Blair String Quartet and The Flecktones.mp4
125 Moloney, O’Connell & Keane.mp4
201 Mando Magnificat.mp4
204 Christine Lavin and the Rounder Records Allstar Bluegrass Band.mp4
210 Strength in Numbers.mp4
The Lonesome Pine Specials Episode Guide.txt


Wallpaper image number 3,209

I have plenty of pictures in my high-resolution desktop background and lock screen slideshow rotation – 3,209 photos and 2.7GB to date – but I’m always adding more, confirming that I’m a rather visually-oriented person. This latest addition is Sergio Tapiro Velasco’s 2017 NatGeo Travel Photography contest winner of Volcán de Colima in Mexico.

Click to view full size

Almost as good as Carlos Gutierrez’s photo of Chaitén in Chile back in May 2008:

Click to view full size

Here are some more images from my wallpapers folder – several taken by me. Click on any one to enter the gallery, then there’s a “View full size” button for each picture at the lower right, which you may have to scroll down to see.

Five-point landing

Here’s one of several good reasons why the Lunar Module had both a descent stage and an ascent stage: Apollo 15’s five-point landing, which dented the descent engine bell quite a lot. The other bits strewn about are not landing damage but simply the detritus from unpacking and setting up equipment. Tidiness was not a concern.


Why did this damage occur? The rear leg of the LM landed in a five-foot deep crater, resulting in a fairly steep landing angle of 11°. To wit:

Jiminy Cricket on a velocipede

Back on the 4th of July, I referenced the worst air crash in history in my post on Clipper Young America. As you may have read, just three days later an Air Canada A320 nearly landed on a taxiway at San Francisco International Airport, a taxiway on which there were four aircraft. Had it not aborted in literally the last few seconds, 7 July 2017 would likely have become the new date of the world’s worst aviation accident.

You may have also read that the aircraft was lower than 100 feet when it aborted, but just reading that probably didn’t give you the heebie-jeebies like this animation I just put together from the images in today’s NTSB update on the incident:

Yeah, that’s ACA 759’s landing lights illuminating UAL 1 and PAL 115 in the third frame.

In post-incident interviews, both incident pilots stated that, during their first approach, they believed the lighted runway on their left was 28L and that they were lined up for 28R. They also stated that they did not recall seeing aircraft on taxiway C but that something did not look right to them.

Pardon me, I’m just going for a little lie-down.